The Following List are new Netlabels that release netaudio using Creative Commons licenses.

To Add a new Netlabel simply

1. click "Edit This Page" then move the cursor and place it ABOVE the first Netlabel in the list and then click on the link icon above.

2. Enter the netlabel name in the box and make sure that the page name is the name of your netlabel only, no advertising text, just the name.

3. Click "Ok"

4. Click on "Save Page" below

5. You will now see a RED link, this means that the page has not been created yet, click on it and edit your new netlabel page.

6. Put the genres your Netlabel in the "Category" section at the bottom of your Netlabels wiki page. Before Adding Netlabel: This is a human edited wiki, which means anyone can add stuff to it. Your netlabel may have already been added by someone else or the administrator. So before adding, do a search first to see if it has already been added.

Now you need to edit your netlabel page